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Sunday,  01/26/14  10:34 AM

Max on dockYesterday was the most beautiful day ever, or close enough; today is overcast and muggy.  Blech.  With reading on the dock taken right out, I guess I'll have to blog :) ...

Where are you in the great :) vs :-) debate?

Last night saw Dallas Buyers Club and liked it more than I thought I would (and obviously I thought I would like it).  Matthew McConaughey should totally win best actor for this.  After seeing such a movie one wonders why people like American Hustle or Her.  No special effects or weirdness, just an interesting story with interesting characters.  And ... movement!

two keyboardsTwo keyboards ... okay, quick; which is "better"?  Which is the more recent version?  I do not like IOS 7, Sam-I-am.  I do not like it.

Related: Microsoft gives new Office Apps a new, flatter look.  Blech.  Rats following each other into the sewer, IMHO.

Hard to believe: 1+2+3+... = -1/12.  Seriously?

DayByDay: The New SchoolGlenn Reynolds makes DayByDay: It doesn't get any better than this.  It does seem like colleges are ready to be disrupted, but will it happen all at once (Uber?) or slowly over time...

Speaking of disruption: Arienne's business model is in trouble.  The Euro space launcher was designed to compete with Boeing, not SpaceX.  Still, this isn't quite disruption; the value proposition hasn't changed, just the economics.

online retail sales trendsAn analysis of last December's shopping: The Tipping Point (e-commerce version).  It's a pretty clear trend.  People are no longer just shopping online, they're buying there, too.

Sigh: The Great Mom and Dad experiment.  The federal government spent nearly a billion dollars to help poor couples stay together, with almost nothing to show for it.  I'm shocked.  Make it less expensive, and it will just happen.

Norwegian curling team's Olympic uniformsExcellent: the Norwegian Curling team's Olympic uniforms.  They have already won.  You've got to love curling, what a great "sport", right?

Scott "Dilbert" Adams wonders: Can robots own money?  Well, maybe not legally, but with bitcoin, they can practically...

Lenovo to buy IBM's server business (for $3.2B).  Seems like IBM are throwing their furniture into the fire, what shall be left?

Why have IBM sold their server business?  Amazon.  Um, yeah.  Who needs to buy a server anymore, when you can lease them as you need them for such low cost?

But...  are IBM doomed?  I think perhaps not, there may be lots of business in building software and integrating applications; now that hardware is commoditized, this is where the margin is...

Opportunity celebrates 10 Earth years on MarsOpportunity celebrates 10 years of roving Mars.  Awesome!  Not bad for a 90-day mission.  And still going strong...

Seen on Facebook: "Maybe we should start emailing each other copies of the Constitution, so we know the government have read it".  Ouch.

squirrel snackingFinally, today's Eichhorn picture: a squirrel snacking in the snow.  Isn't he adorable?

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