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bridging the gap

Saturday,  01/18/14  01:59 PM

So ... I've been following this whole bikini bridge thing with great interest :) and I don't understand why it's a "hoax", do you?  (In case you've been living in the Far North for a while, a bikini bridge is the gap between a flat stomach and a bikini bottom.)  So what's the hoax?  It is most definitely true that most guys like fit, slender, women, and I doubt that this "hoax" has any affect on that one way or another. 

People are apparently concerned that a campaign glorifying slender women will "do lasting damage by giving people with eating disorders a dangerous new goal to obsess over."  Well, possibly.  To me the pictures labeled "bikini bridge" are healthy, fit women.  And they are undeniably attractive, whether we pick a term for their fitness or not.

I'm a little tired of the way we bend over backward to defend people who are out of shape.  Let's face it, being fit isn't like being tall or short, or being dark or light, or having long hair, or wearing a beard.  Being more fit is ... more attractive than not being fit, at least to most people.  To me there isn't anything "fake" or wrong with celebrating fitness.