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Wednesday,  12/18/13  10:16 PM

santa on a bikeSpent much of today on my bike, yay!  Have to work off those cookies somehow...

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: eliminating government in a hundred years.  By replacing it with technology...  hmmm.  No.

Fly over Titan: Kraken MareFly over Titan's methane lakes in NASA's video.  "Dreaming of an exotic vacation destination?  How about relaxing on the shores of Kraken Mare, a hydrocarbon sea on Titan?"  (Yes, I was, actually :)  Awesome!

How to analyze 100 million images for $624.  "Jetpac is building a modern version of Yelp, using big data rather than user reviews.  People are taking more than a billion photos every single day, and many of these are shared publicly on social networks.  We analyze these pictures to discover what they can tell us about bars, restaurants, hotels, and other venues around the world."  (Hint: the answer is Amazon.)  Sounds like they could use eyesFinder, too.

modular housingModular housing?  Why not?  World's tallest modular tower gets first mods hoisted into place.  Maybe someday we'll fly our modular iHomes from one place to another ... like from Earth to Titan :)

Herding Reindeer in Lapland.  Wow.  (click thumbnail to enlarge)

Progress: World's first 3D-printed retinal cells could help cure blindness.  I'm printing Christmas ornaments and they're printing retinas.  Well, they're both important.

maritime museum in NorwayA most excellent design for a maritime museum in Norway.  Love the way it doesn't look anything like the surrounding buildings but it fits anyway.

the Foodini 3D food printerThe Foodini 3D food printer.  OMG.  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize 'it all' is so much more than you thought.

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