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Happy Football Saturday

Saturday,  11/30/13  12:21 PM

go Bruins!A great day to do nothing ... hang out, maybe do a little kayaking, and print some gnomes :)  Oh, and watch football!  We have Alabama-Auburn (go Tigers!), and Stanford-Notre Dame (go Cardinal!), and then USC-UCLA (go Bruins!)  And let's see what else is going on... - ready to goSo tomorrow is the big day for Obamacare, when is supposed to work.  I'm sure you, like me, are planning to go right these and register.  But even if they fix the website - which I somehow doubt - they won't be able to fix the general approach of "redistribution"; those like you and me who pay for medical insurance will have to pay more, so that those who couldn't get it before now can.  I'd be willing to pay a little more for insurance - true hedge against disaster - but not much, and not for maintenance.  Kind of like the way all of us pay a little more for car insurance so some people can get "assigned risk" policies...

Related: The Heath Care Blog considers what if the Affordable Care Act enrolls a lot fewer people than predicted?  Depending on who does enroll, we'll all pay more.

TSA: one carryonSo here's a question: do you feel safer traveling by air with the TSA protecting you?  I don't.  This is yet another example of government doing something poorly and more expensively than private industry.

Coliseum 1923 USC vs PomonaWow, too much seriousness for Football Saturday, right?  This picture is the LA Coliseum in October 1923, soon after it was completed, hosting its first football game between USC and Pomona, before 12,000 screaming fans.  (click to enlarge)  It will look slightly different today, with a few more people in attendance :)

[ Update: By the way, how cool is it that we have a picture of this?  Must have been taken by an intrepid pilot in a litte biplane, with their little iPhone :) ]

Can you identify all the different sports teams which have called the Coliseum home?  Hint: In addition to football it has been used for baseball*, basketball, and ice hockey... and has hosted two Olympiads, two Super Bowls, and yes, one World Series... and of course Pink Floyd playing The Wall.

* in 2008 it hosted the largest crowd ever to watch a baseball game, 115,000 people... Dodgers - Red Sox.

Okay, pass the Wheat Thins and nobody gets hurt...

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