Critical Section

Wednesday,  11/27/13  09:19 PM

A quiet little day today; you know you didn't get much done when your biggest accomplishment was drafting a press release.  Still, it did get drafted.  I had a lot of time, so I was able to make it quite short :)

Buzz Lightyear balloonYou know we're doing okay when worrying about whether there's too much wind for the Macy's balloons is a top story.  Still, we worry, because they're fun.  To infinity, and beyond!

By the way I must confess, I just rewatched the whole Toy Story series.  Pretty great, and they hold up amazingly well.  Toy Story 2 has to be about the best animated movie ever.

non=transitive Grime DiceWant to play with your family a bit tomorrow?  Maybe make some Grime Dice to confound them.  In which, Dice A will systematically beat Dice B, which systematically beats Dice C, but C beats A.  Paging Kurt Godel...

Da Vinci's viola organistaLeonado da Vinci invented numerous devices that he never built*, including the viola organista, a machine-line instrument that combines a harpsicord, organ, and viola da gamba.  This 500-year-old idea is now a reality, however, thanks to Polish musician Slawomir Zubrzycki.  Cool.  Some people have too much time on their hands, and we are glad they do!

* while I was non-blogging last summer I visited Tuscany, and Vinci, and the da Vinci museum, which features cool scale models of many of Leonardo's designs.  Way cool and well worth seeing.

wild turkeyOkay, back to printing wild turkeys ... :)

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