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catching fire

Sunday,  11/24/13  05:42 PM

the mockingjay appears

Watched Hunger Games Catching Fire today, and thought it was great.  A most worthy sequel, and amazing in its own right.  The direction and production values are excellent (those costumes!), and the story was simplified and embelished perfectly to adapt the book to a movie.  My only complaint is that since the book is written in the first person, there's a lot of subtley that viewers who haven't read the book might miss, but so be it.  Overall it was excellent!

My favorite moment was when Katniss' wedding dress turns into a mockingjay outfit.  Perfect.

It would be perhaps too obvious to say Jennifer Lawrence is great, but ... she is.  In fact the entire cast are as well, faithful to the characters from the book, and ... interesting.  It might be weird to say, given the fantasy nature of the whole story, but they seemed real.  I can't wait for the next, er, two (Mockingjay, the third and final book, will apparently be two movies...)


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