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Wednesday,  11/20/13  07:15 PM

Yet another day of coding, a good day.  But I am also living an instance of Zero's paradox, waiting for the asymptote to converge.  Will I ever get there?

From the Horse's Mouth, today's surfing pic of the day.  COOL.

The magic of animated GIFs.  It's so weird and so cool that this just happened, way back when (in the old Compuserve days, before the Internet!).  Seems like it could never happen today.  Apple would have one implementation, Google another, and Microsoft a third, and each website would have to implement animation five ways and everyone would give up.

Another thing that "just happened": PDFs.  Amazingly, we can now display PDFs on any web page, with just JavaScript, no plugin required.  I'm trying to think, is this just cool, or also useful?

flying car!American Digest: Where is my flying car?  Oh, right here...

LEGO: Star Wars vs MC EscherLego Star Wars vs MC Escher.  "Escher's work is known for its depictions of architectural impossibilities, but 'Relativity' is one of the few that can, despite its complexities, actually be built."  Excellent.

The Oatmeal: Every time it snows in a big city.  "You call this snow?  I grew up in Bumbelch, Nebrahoma, and we used to get 50 feet of snow a day."  Dead on.

Nikolai Tesla's labSpeaking of the Oatmeal... this is kinda old news now, but still cool: Oatmeal cartoonist helps raise $1M to turn old Nikolai Tesla lab into a museum.  Awesome!

pants-size comparisonYou knew this, but now you really know: A pants-size comparison.  "The thing that most pants do have in common is that the actual measurement of the jeans is far larger than the size printed on the label."

And in other old news, about Tesla's namesake: Tesla repays its $465 million federal loan nine years early.  Yay.

Powerline asks: why should taxpayers subsidize electric vehicles?  The answer is, they shouldn't... but at least the Tesla experiment ended well all the way around.  The GM experiment was less successful, "we" spent 10x as much and got the Volt.

"winter trees"From Aardman (Wallace and Gromit!), The Staves, "Winter Trees".  Very nice.

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