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Sunday,  11/17/13  11:33 PM

Spent today coding and sailing - WLYC Turkey Day (a complete drifter, but fun anyway) ...

crazy mountain bikingOkay, is this the craziest possible mountain biking video?

crazy mountain biking, tooOr is this one even crazier?

crazy mountain biking, three's a charmActually I think this one ... you will not believe it!
(These GoPro cameras are everywhere...)

This is pretty interesting ... why indoor navigation is so hard.  If you've ever been in a hospital - or a large shopping mall! - you can appreciate the need for a solution.

From Powerline: the latest in the climate fail files.  "Japan is having to revise its target upward because of its rash decision to phase out nuclear power in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. You would think environmentalists would be pleased at this. But over 95 percent of Japan’s replacement energy is coming from hydrocarbons (coal, oil, and gas). Oops."  Yeah the rationale response would have been to make nuclear plants safer, instead of getting rid of them.  The cost would have been lower, too.

Coffman pre-ampThis is great: astonishing hi-fi components.  Using tubes, of course ... as pretty as they sound.

3D-printed space homesExcellent: USC professor receives NASA grant to develop 3D-printed space homes.

NASA's Maven probe, to MarsGood thing, because NASA is sending another neat probe to Mars.  Perfect location for the next housing settlement :)

the Willis tower in ChicagoSo ... which skyscraper is tallest?  It's complicated...  when is a mast a tower, and when is it "just" an antenna?  I love the concept of "vanity height"; the percentage of a building which is above the highest habitable point.

baby hedgehog!Wrapping up, here we have a baby hedgehog, after a bath.  You're welcome :)

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