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Saturday,  11/16/13  10:56 PM

the great blue hole, in BelizeAfter a day of sitting at my desk, tonight I'm traveling all over the place ... virtually of course, via the web.  Please, join me...

Fingal's cave, in ScotlandWe'll start with Nine wondrous water caves, which include the Great Blue Hole in Belize, above right, and Fingal's Cave in Scotland, at left.  Wow.

Denakil Depression, EthiopiaAnd now to the hottest place on earth, the Danakil Depression, in Ethiopia.  Pretty cool :)

Mount Vesuvius, seen from Naples HarborSpeaking of hot, here's Mount Vesuvius, in Italy; it's one of the world's most dangerous volcanos, especially considering how near it is to large population centers like Naples.

Baikonur Cosmodrome, in KazakstanHere's a pretty amazing place, in Kazakstan, where Russian space launches are beautiful and spectacular.

lightning strike at the top of a volcano ash cloud, in ChileOnward to Chile, where we have this incredible photo of lightning on top of a volcano ash cloud.

Cwn Idwal - valley in North WalesThis place is pretty amazing ... Cwm Idwal.  Yes that's how it's spelled, a hanging valley in North Wales, alleged to be 'Darwin's favorite place'.

Mongolia: 11 days in 4 minutesAnd now let's go ... for a drive across Mongolia!  11 days in 4 minutes.  Check this out, unbelievable.  The sheer size is impressive!

King's Cross station in London, UKBack to civilization (so called); the incredible renovation of Londan's King's Cross Station is complete.  I've been there several times, always with construction going on :)

Noah's Ark replica, in Dordrecht, the NetherlandsNearby (comparatively), here we have [a replica of] Noah's Ark!  In Dordrecht, in the Netherlands.  Oh those crazy Dutch...

Rotterdam market, the NetherlandsWrapping up, we have 10 must-see design destinations from around the globe.  My favorite in this bunch is also in the Netherlands: Rotterdam Market.  Excellent.

Planet Earth, as see from ISSAll in all, we have to conclude, Planet Earth is amazing!  (Especially as seen from the ISS, in this movie.)  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize 'it all' is so much more than you thought...


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