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Friday,  11/15/13  10:02 PM

Christmas in November!Ahhh!  'tis the season ... already!  Today I was in Pasadena, and the entire down has already decked the halls.  I like Christmas as much as anyone but it should start just before Thanksgiving.  This is like changing Planck's constant.

Forget Jeopardy!, IBM's Watson could give medical advice.  Well, duh.  This is so going to happen.

USS EnterpriseDid you see this?  USS Enterprise takes its final voyage.  Aircraft carriers are awesome, and this one has been in service for 50 years.

Here's a question: how many aircraft carriers are there?  Less than you might think... there're just 21, and 10 of them are American.

Awesome: US approves new nuclear reactor design.  As the proud owner of an electric car, I must tell you, nuclear power has to be our future.  It is by far the cleanest way of converting entropy into kinetic energy.

pocket cannon sounds offJust Look At My Beautiful, Working Pocket Cannon.  I did, and I saw that it was good.  "For best results, do not try this in a glass-enclosed conference room at work."  Actually the sound is the best part :)

the underwater Trench BridgeTrench Bridge.  How do you build a bridge below water...  like this!

Josh Newman: Geek Ambassadors.  "To grow the next generation of startups, we need to grow the next generation of both geek ambassadors and top-notch hackers, then to find smart ways to pair off the two. A technologist and a visionary. It’s the best way to build a startup that makes something amazing – something that people really want."  It is hard to be both.

Paul Graham: Schlep Blindness.  "Instead of asking 'what problem should I solve?' ask 'what problem do I wish someone else would solve for me?'"  Hmmm ... what would be your answer to this?

Microsoft 3D BuilderHuh, Microsoft has a 3D Printing app for Windows.  I wonder if it sucks?  I will have to try it - stay tuned.

My tools of choice are Tinkercad and MakerWare.

Here's something else to try: Jaw dropping software makes 3D models from any photo.  Adobe has software like this too (123D), haven't had a chance to try it.

Dave Winer says we need an exit from Google.  Yeah...  the way they are ramming Google+ down everyone's throat is only part of the problem, too.

the ice hotelThe Ice Hotel!  Just what is says on the label...  looks pretty cool :)

the Harbin ice festivalAnd for a little more ice and snow, check out the Harbin Ice Festival, a favorite on this blog for ten years.  I really do have to see this in person someday ... wow.

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