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Sunday,  09/18/11  11:23 PM

the venerable Blue Gavel trophyHow was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good, thanks; long tough ride yesterday, and then hanging out, watched an old chick flick (Beaches!), and today did a short ride and raced in the Westlake Yacht Club's Blue Gavel regatta, and then watched a new chick flick (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).  In between saw each of my daughters coming and going, and even worked a little on some project proposals.  I know, I know, too much information ... onward:

Oh and I managed to install the Win 8 developer preview, which was a minor exercise in yak shaving as it involved upgrading to VMWare 8 :)  I'll have more to say about it soon.

professor signature semioticsImportant work: The semiotics of professor e-mail signatures.  Highly recommended - O.  [ via Z :) ]

Speaking of email signatures, the other day I noted "Email signatures should be contact information, not sayings".  Prompting William to email "I couldn't agree more"; his email signature was ... "Email signatures should be contact information, not sayings" - Ole Eichhorn.  How great is that?

Rereading an old post, I encountered some excellent correlation vs causality confusion.  "The alternative headline, 'why kids with lower IQs need to be spanked', was apparently not considered, despite the fact that IQ is demonstratively harder to change than needing-to-be-spanked."  Fire on 'em!

Albert EinsteinFrom Time Magazine, May 1955: Death of a Genius, an epitaph for Albert Einstein.  "Einstein's only instruments were a pencil and scratchpad; his laboratory was under his cap. Yet he saw farther than a telescope, deeper than a microscope. Einstein traveled in lonely splendor to the crossroads of the visible and the invisible, expressing each in terms of the other."  A reminder not only of the former greatness of Professor Einstein, but of Time Magazine.

So, Sprint says they can handle the iPhone traffic.  Good to hear.  I love my iPhone, but I do not love having a crappy Verizon signal at my house.  Sprint was great.

BTW I have a Verizon "network extender", a mini cell tower attached to my network, but the voice quality through the extender is variable and often iffy.

volcanic auroraAwesome: The most amazing space pictures of 2011.  (so far :)  My pick is the volcanic aurora at left, over the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.  (Yes of course that's the correct spelling.)

Clive Thompson gets asked How did you find my site?  A good question, and I'd like to ask you how you found mine :)

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