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Saturday,  09/17/11  06:42 PM

I'm baaack ... to workSo ... I'm back, as in back to work, as in last weekend I attended the College of American Pathologist's annual conference, flew back, and spent a couple of days back in my office in Vista.  It was pretty weird, but exciting too; I'm ready for some new challenges.  Fortunately the company didn't miss a beat in my absence; I could feel bad ("they don't need me anymore") but actually I feel good ("I'm free to throw myself into some new projects").  More than anything it was nice to see all my friends at work, I had a nice reception.  I've also kept riding this week - final approach, just three weeks 'till the 508! - and now it's back to blogging as well...

You may ask - and many of you have already - how was my twelve weeks off?  GREAT.  Actually I'll have more to say about that in the coming days ... please stay tuned :)

Love using the Kindle app on my iPhone, because it links straight into Wikipedia.  I have almost entirely stopped using my Kindles, only use them outside in sunlight.

Apropos: Amazon's future is so much bigger than a tablet.

GoDaddy was bought!  By KKR et al.  Not totally comfortable with this, but IIWII.

Raise your hand if you're still using Google+.  I'm not, but then again I never have.  It looks like my careful effort to avoid using it or even learning much about it has paid off.

Google have announced a new structured programming language called Dart.  Apparently it is a better JavaScript.  Who ordered that?  I plan to treat it much like Google+ and hope for the best.

Heathkit single-sideband receiverYay oh yay: Heathkit DIY kits are coming back.  Man, I spent some of the best time of my childhood with my Dad in his workshop, soldering resisters and capacitors onto circuit boards.  Put me down for this!

The Heathkit single-sideband receiver at right looks so familiar; I'm almost sure I built one of these for my Dad's boat :)

Of course today's Heathkit is the Arduino.  Maybe I should learn how to make stuff from them?  Here's a cool comic book introduction to the Arduino.  For the list...

One of the truest things I've ever posted: the inverted pyramid for video.  "I find most YouTube -type video is organized like a mini movie. No good. Grab me immediately on startup, or I'm gone."  Still just as true today.

Juan Jose Cobo wins the 2011 Vuelta a EspanaCongratulations to Juan Jose Cobo, who unexpectedly leveraged his win on the steep slopes of the Angliru to win the 2011 Vuelta a Espana.  Excellent.

Reading about the Angliru reminded me of my own brush with a steep Vuelta stage, when I rode up to the Lagos de Covadonga in 2007.  An experience I'll never forget, but I love having that blog post too :)

Answering the important questions: Do big cats like to chase laser pointers?  (Spoiler: yes)

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