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Wednesday,  08/31/11  11:15 PM

a pretty nice collection :)Wow what a day ... you wake up, you lie in bed, you think your day will go a certain way, and then ... it doesn't!  Wow.  Quite an amazing collection of things happened... capped by another wipeout, my second in a week, this time mountain bike riding.  I'm okay but this is a bad habit.  Anyway here's a collection of things which are happening...

Solyndra files chapter 11 after $1B in investment.  You and I invested over $500M via the US Department of Energy. So much for "green" jobs, huh?  Another failed Obama initiative, although to be fair many others were riding this bandwagon.

Chevy Chase gives the Francisco Franco updateDave Winer:  Francisco Franco.  Is still dead.

A godsend for those of us saddled with supporting IE8 seemingly forever: Lockdown-evading Chrome Frame exits beta.  I have no idea how this works, but mean to find out :)

I find Mark Frauenfelder to be the weirdest and least reliable Boing Boing contributor, but his recommendation of Ready Player One seems legit.  Maybe I'll try it, cool new SF is always fun.

Horace Dediu makes an excellent point about the iPad, it isn't ready to be disrupted from below - yet - because it isn't good enough yet.  Will be most interesting to see how this plays out.

airplane boarding, analyzedCritical research: how to speed up plane boarding.  "Even random boarding is faster than the back-to-front method the airlines currently use."  I so believe this!  (Check out this detailed analysis on different methods, and which are used by which airlines.)

ZooBorn: Oncilla cubZooBorn of the day: an Oncilla cub.  (Oncillas are small cats similar to Ocelots)

Clive Thompson on the art of public thinking.  Aka, blogging :)

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