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happy 18th, Alex!

Wednesday,  08/24/11  11:18 PM

Tonight we celebrated Alexis' 18th birthday (!) in style, at our favorite restaurant Tuscany.  We had a great dinner - I broke my "wine not" training rule for the night, so we could enjoy an '04 Tignanello - and a great time.  Alex is moving out Friday (sniff) to attend LMU, so it's definitely quite a transition.  And in about half an our she'll be an adult ... wow.  Anyway she'll always be my baby girl :)

The highlight for me was making an octadecahedral birthday card :) that's Alex at right, holding the result, and you can see the print template below.

This octadecahedron is not a regular polyhedron, despite being composed of 18 equilateral triangles.  Imagine an equilateral pyramid, and now stick two of them together; you have a hexahedron, but it isn't quite regular (two of the vertices are more acute than the other three).  And now if you replace each of the six triangular sides with an equilateral pyramid, you get an octadecahedron.