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Saturday,  08/20/11  09:04 PM

my original KindleWeekend!  Filter pass!  Yay!

I have been seriously enjoying reading on my Kindle.  No, not my Kindle 2, which I use all the time, my Kindle 1, which I lost and replaced.  There is a beautiful asymmetrical weirdness to this device which is quite compelling.  I'm rereading the Hornblowers, if you must know :)

Hitler finds out HP killed WebOSHitler finds out HP killed WebOS.  One of the better Downfall mixups ever, amid heavy competition.

So ... I complain about MSDN magazine quite a lot but there were a couple of articles in the most recent edition which were quite good; an introduction to HTML5, first of a useful series, and an overview of particle swarm optimization, an interesting iterative technique for finding approximate solutions to multi-dimensional optimization problems.  Nice.  So, I'll keep reading :)

AC45s showcase high tech sailboat technologyCool to see this coverage so mainstream, in Wired: America's Cup racers push sailboats to their limits.  "The next America's Cup will 'meet the expectations of the Facebook generation, not the Flintstone generation.'"  That's great, but my favorite AC of all time was the old 12 meters off Freemantle.  That was racing.

Bolero Flashmob in Copenhagen Central StationA Flash Mob at Copenhagen Central Station plays Bolero.  Cool!  Via ESR, who says it is a Flash at the heart of the West.

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