Critical Section

Thursday,  08/18/11  10:30 PM

Day four of my focused training for the 508 race; did a nice 60 mile ride this morning with friends, I'm getting into the groove.  Eating, riding, working out, sleeping (!), staying focused.  And having fun :)  Cool.

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Occipital's 360 Panorama iPhone AppThis looks way cool: Occipital's Panorama 360 iPhone App.  Will try it.  BTW this is a great video, crisp and gets right into it, and totally explains why you want to do what they want you to do.

Is Groupon a financial train wreck waiting to happen?  Yes.

I have to say, while there is undoubtedly a tech bubble brewing (among investors, rather than consumers), a lot of today's high flyers are "real"; they have revenue and profits.  Groupon is, in which people buy dollars for 75 cents.  Yeah you get a lot of revenue that way.

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell on the triviality of politicsLove this from Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, on the triviality of politics...

Did you know?  The next ISS mission will be launched by SpaceX on November 30.  No more shuttles.  Yay.

Outfitting the next Mars Rover

Meanwhile: Outfitting the next Mars Rover.  Excellent.

I continue to be amazed that any time I read an article about something I know about, it's wrong.  Not just slightly off, but incredibly incorrect.  Which makes you realize that first order, everything you read is wrong.  That could include this post :)


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