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Wednesday,  07/13/11  11:17 PM

dinner with Alexis: priceless!Today was a great day; got up, watched the Tour, worked out, did a little coding (!), went for a great ride with a friend, had a dinner date with Alexis (but ran out of gas :), and then ... blogged!

One more week and then ... we're off to Paris and Amsterdam!  Cannot wait...

Yikes: 20% drop in housing to cause recession in 2012.  I wish I didn't really believe this is going to happen, but I really do.  Sigh.

last NASA spacewalk!And so the last NASA spacewalk marks the end of an era.  So cool ... we must get going with more space missions somehow.  If only to have more of these amazing pictures :)

Reminds me of a joke, that it was cheaper to send men to the moon than to make a movie about it.

Have you ever wondered what is HTML5?  Now you know :)

PayPal announces NFC phone-to-phone payments for Android.  Cool.  You might not know, but PayPal's original product was PDA-to-PDA payments for Palm Pilots using IR.  Only incidentally did they build a web interface to allow users to make payments to each other without their Palms, and the rest is history.  I don't think there's a significant market for phone-to-phone payments, but there's a huge market for phone-to-merchant payments, especially if PayPal can disintermediate the exchange fees.

Pastafarian license :)Truth is stranger than the Onion: Pastafarian wins right to wear colander in license photo.  You cannot invent this stuff, it's too crazy.

Lance Armstrong's "butterfly" racing bikeFive insane vehicles that go like hell.  A great list that includes Oracle's amazing trimaran ... and Lance Armstrong's "butterfly" racing bike.

Onward... tomorrow we have the Tour's first mountain stage (yay!), and then Shirley and I are off to Pasadena as tourists for a couple of days...  stay tuned.

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