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Monday,  07/04/11  08:52 PM

'Round the Island victory! (click to enbiggen)Great: sailing my C-15 for the kazillionth time in the Westlake 'Round the Island race.

Not so great: Megan decided to sail a Laser herself instead of crewing for me.

Great: a chance to do it singlehanded (!).

Not so great: reverse start gave sabots a 45 minute head start.

Great: took advantage of South wind to sail around the island "the other way".

Not so great: wind shifted to North as I exited deadwind channel.

the custom rig to lower the mast for passing under the bridge (click to enbiggen)Great: mast dropped perfectly, paddled underneath bridge, made it even into the wind.

Not so great: sabots got there about the same time (!),

Great: got mast back up and flew up to top of island, fetched it in one tack,

Not so great: met all Lasers FJs C-14s etc at the top, (but Great: they still had to negotiate bridge),

Great: flew down main channel wing-and-wing,

Not so great: sabots emerged from deadwind channel way ahead of me, but

Awesomely Great: a huge puff took me past all of them to squeak by at the line.

Also great: Meg finished in fine style, I was most proud. Pretty much a perfect day :)

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