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Sunday,  07/03/11  08:46 PM

How's your Fourth of July weekend going so far?  Mine is great, thanks for asking.  I've spent each day so far sailing; yesterday went cruising with my kids, and today created a custom rig on my C-15 to enable the mast to be lowered dynamically, to navigate under Westlake bridge in tomorrow's 'Round the Island race.  (Stay tuned ... the picture at right was taken in the 2008 edition, and shows the height of the bridge and a bunch of capsized boats being swum under it; I'm hoping to stay dry :) 

Meanwhile it's been a quiet weekend otherwise...

Replacing property as a source of wealth creation.  It has gradually dawned on me that each month as I make my mortgage payment of X, my house's value has decreased by 2X.  This does not make sense, when I could be renting the exact same house for 1/2 X, and it has been going on for at least two years.  What's worse, I honestly believe it will keep happening for another two years.  Huh. 

Dave Winer's "no interviews" policy was working, until it wasn't.  At what point does massive editing turn a "quote" into a fabrication?  I think this is more of a judgment call than a rule; as a journalist you know when you've gone too far. 

On discovering you're an androidHow would you know?  Can you design experiments to give you the answer? 

Google+: an interesting product, badly marketed.  This is a nice analysis by Axel Rauschmayer.  I haven't used Google+ but based on the reports it reminds me of Microsoft .Net, a poorly named umbrella for a miscellaneous collection of features.  Some of those features might be great, but the net is not a plus.