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Friday,  07/01/11  08:26 PM

...and on the first day of July and the first day of Q3, I ... sailed with my kids.  What else would I do?

Tour de France 2011Cannot *wait* for the Tour de France, which starts tomorrow morning.  I am in the ABC camp, that is, "anyone but Contador".  I must tell you I don't think Andy Schleck will win; he is a great climber, but he can't time trial, and for someone to beat Contador they will have to do both.  Leading contenders include Cadel Evans, Bradley Wiggins, and Levi Leipheimer.  Stay tuned :)

Nice preview: tour veteran John Wilcockson rates the 20 top contenders.  Hard to argue with any of his picks.

light painting with a RoombaLight painting with a Roomba.  What can I say?  Most excellent :)

How well do you see color?  Test yourself.  I scored a 4, which is [apparently] extraordinary for a 52-year old :)

Chinese 26-mile bridge is the world's longestChinese 26-mile bridge is the world's longest.  Wow, 26 miles, that's a long bridge.  Wow.

Uh; this is embarrassing; the Dodgers file for bankruptcy.  For some reason I haven't made my annual transition from pro basketball to baseball yet; knowing this, I may not at all this year.  Sigh.

Steve Jobs at the 1997 WWDC, a Q&AI love this, from John Gruber; Steve Jobs taking a Q&A at the 1997 WWDC.  This was *before* he had officially rejoined Apple as "interim CEO"; but after they had acquired Next.  You can see the vision that led to everything Apple has done since.  Even the genesis of iCloud, it is right there.

There is this weird effect, that setting a low bar encourages routine.  So every morning for the last thirty years I have done push ups and sit ups.  Every morning.  Except when I haven't, because, well, I didn't feel like it.  So on a good day I can do 50+ push ups, and 80+ sit ups.  But every day is not a good day.  So I have empirically determined that giving myself permission to do 40 push ups, only, and 60 sit up, only, makes it easier to do them every day.  And doing 40 push ups every day is much better than doing 50+ every other day.  YMMV, but this seems to be a real thing.  Onward!

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