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QE2, too

Thursday,  06/30/11  09:52 PM

QE2!Wrapping up the quarter, a quick filter pass...

I can't believe this; diet soda makes you fat.  Sigh.  Apparently the fake sugar makes you hungry, and you eat other stuff, and increase your caloric intake.  Maybe I'll just drink gallons of coffee :)

Boeing 787 windows - 65% larger, and with adjustable dimmersDoc Searles on the joy of flying, specifically, looking out the window while flying.  I agree.  Apparently the new Boeing 787 is designed with larger windows which you can darken electronically, how cool is that?  Doc also praises United, and I would agree; despite their historical bad rap due to bad service, I find them to be much improved.

Scoble: why yo mamma won't use Google+.  So far I'm not planning to use it either.  This is such a network effect; since all of my friends are already on Facebook, why would I switch to Google+?  It would have to be massively better, and all my friends would have to think so.  Having two different networks would be worse yet.  (You can remind me I said this after Google+ rules the world, I've been wrong before :)

Winer: why Google's Circles are likely to fail.  "You might feel a rush to organize your friends into categories when you start to use it. But you'll give up after a dozen or so, as soon as you hit one that defies categorization. You'll say to yourself 'I'll come back to this later.' You won't."  As he would say, bing.

John Gruber links Clayton Miller: own a shape.  Can you identify with the shapes below?

cell companies own a shape


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