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Rocky the Squirrel rides again!

Thursday,  06/30/11  09:16 PM

Hey guess what?  I'm riding the Furnace Creek 508 again!  Rocky the Squirrel rides again!

Everyone in the 508 has to pick an animal mascot as their "totem"; mine is Rocky the Squirrel :)

You may remember, two years ago I did this, a 508 mile cycling race through Death Valley, and while I gave it my best shot there was no joy in Badwater as I dropped out after 300 miles.

Well not this year.

I have applied to race again this year, and have been accepted (!), and this year I am going to finish.  I'll be physically ready but more importantly mentally ready...  having done it one before will help immeasureably; I know [sort of] what I'm up against.  The hardest part is Sunday morning, from Furnace Creek to Baker, that's when everyone drops out (historically about half of the people who start as solo racers actually finish).  After I make it to Baker, well, it isn't easy from that point, but I'll manage to finish.

So ... stay tuned!  It is still a ways off - October 8-10 - but I'll be giving you regular updates.  To give you a flavor of the ride, here's me two years ago, after about 150 miles, with my ace crew Joani...

Oh yeah, and that reminds me; I am looking for people who are interested in crewing.  If you or anyone you know wants to drive around the desert following a guy on a bike for two days straight, let me know.  It will be awesome :)