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Tuesday,  06/28/11  10:24 PM

Making a filter pass...

Spent today exactly as it should be spent; this morning attended a retirement party for an old friend whom I hired 15 years ago, saw a lot of other old friends, then had lunch with my kids by the lake, and then sailing (!) with Meg, and then a little ride, and a nice dinner, and ... blogging!

BTW that picture is me, in the same boat, racing in 1984 on Huntington Lake, back when I was fast :)

Awesome! - Big Tujunga Canyon.  One of the great things about living where I live - northwest of L.A. - is that there are so many great places to go so close.  And this is one of them... 

WSJ: Interesting interview with Reid Hoffman, friend, ex-colleague at PayPal, and founder of LinkedIn, on the state of social media.  He has stayed on the leading edge of this wave for a long time. 

So Google have abandoned Google Health - no big surprise, really.  Personal EHR is going to be a huge business, but Google were not well positioned to take advantage; it is a service-intensive product, and Google don't do service.  I think Microsoft will run into the same problem though they've had more traction with their HealthVault product.  This seems a great opportunity for Intuit - or startup(s)... 

As a contra position, here we have Google's strategy of everything, from Jean-Louis Gassee.  In which everything doesn't include service-intensive offerings like payments and personal health :) 

This is awesome!  Stevie Ray Vaughan in Denmark, in 1988, playing Voodoo Chile...  [ thanks, LGF ] 

Perfect: Velonews' 2011 Tour de France preview, stage-by-stage.  I cannot wait.  Stage 1 is Saturday! 

CyclingNews also have a preview.  Check it out!

Here we have 11 animal wonders of evolution.  And wonder-ful they are, too, wow, check 'em out.  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize "it all" is so much more than you thought... 

Lady of the Rings: Saturn surveyor Carolyn Porco.  Interesting, what's next for Cassini?  #1 is the hydrocarbon lakes on Titan! 

Who ordered that?  Google+, a competitor to Facebook.  Seems like they're *way* too late, the network effect is already too powerful.  What would motivate anyone to use it?  Sigh. 

Apropos: why MySpace lost to Facebook (from Sean Parker no less).  Bottom line, they stopped innovating.