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week one

Friday,  06/24/11  05:25 PM

LMU orientationAnd so I reach the end of week one (of my vacation).  So far so good.  Every day was a bit different; I had a little "work cleanup" to do, and then the past two days I spent with Alex attending an LMU orientation (which was *great*, I am so happy she's going there!).  I worked out / rode every day - yay! - and sat out by the pool and read - yay! - but I haven't quite settled into vacation mode yet.  I guess I've got a little time to get it right :)

I love this, from Ignatius Loyola: "if someone doesn't want to learn, nobody can make them, but if someone wants to learn, nobody can stop them."  Yes!

cryptonomiconI'm rereading Neal Stephenson's masterpiece Cryptonomicon, and coincidentally yesterday was Alan Turing's birthday.

This media life...  Alice Gregory captures something real here, in the course of reviewing a book.  I must admit, I'm a slave to my iPhone.  One of the pleasures of this summer so far is spending extended periods of time away from it, living my life while it is vibrating away telling the tales of other people's lives.

array of Blackberries - but none of them competitiveSo what do you think, are RIM done?  I think so; while in Europe I borrowed a GSM Blackberry Curve (my iPhone is CDMA, so it doesn't work "over there"), and man what a piece of crap.  Slow, hard to use, clunky, and hard to read.  In no way was it as nice as my iPhone, just not competitive at all.  (In fact I kept trying to find WiFi so I could use my iPhone (which wasn't that hard); and then I used Skype.)  Honestly using the Blackberry made me appreciate Palm - I think HP might be able to get some traction with webOS.

Apropos: the Verizon iPhone halted Android's surge, the iPhone 5 could reverse it.  I dunno.  I think Android is going to have its place, just like PCs/Windows - some people will like their complexity and flexibility, and others will like their lower price.  And Apple will feature a better overall experience.

Tesla roadsterThe Tesla Roadster is being sunsetted!  Wow.  The company is focusing on their new Model S, which makes sense, but they must not be making money on the Roadster or they'd keep making them.  Or maybe everyone who would buy one has already?

Well that's it for now ... tomorrow I'm riding the Grand Tour Double (!) and will no doubt be too pooped to blog after; see you Sunday :)

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