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I'm off!

Saturday,  06/11/11  10:48 AM

I'm off!  In more ways than one.  (Some of you would say, I've been off for a long time :) 

European trip - June 2011First I am off to Europe; this afternoon I leave for London, arrive tomorrow, will be attending a conference there, then on to Basil, Switzerland for a meeting with a customer, then on to Groningen and Utrecht in the Netherlands for more meetings (and some quality time with relatives), and then on to Leeds, UK for another meeting with a customer.  And then home.  Will be quite a week.

But I'm also off work!  For the entire summer, twelve weeks.  How about that?

I want some extended time to spend with my family and myself.  Alexis is going off to college this summer, Megan is advancing to high school, and Jordan is moving to another city.  I would like to spend time with them at these critical points in their lives.  Shirley's mom recently passed away, and while we loved her dearly caring for her took an increasingly large amount of time and mindshare.  This will be a nice chance for Shirley and me to spend time together.  In addition to some family vacations I plan to do some bike racing and train for the Furnace Creek 508 (more on that to follow).

I know I have some customers and colleagues as readers so I just want to assure you, I remain committed to Aperio's success, and shall return to work in the fall with energy and a fresh sense of purpose.  In the meantime I will not be entirely absent.  I'll periodically route email and phone calls, and will maintain existing conversations.  I will be available for special needs like technical advice or a customer disaster.

I must tell you I am excited but also frightened; this is new for me.  It will be fun to spend time with my family, and fun to work on some non-work work.  I can use this break to refresh my values and renew my energy.  It will be an adventure :)

my office in Vista, note the clean desk
it often looks like this, but now it will look like this for twelve weeks straight

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