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a good weekend

Sunday,  05/15/11  10:12 PM

a good weekend :)Whew!  34 posts later, I am caught up (but who's counting :)  I managed to have a nice weekend; in between blogging I read a little, sat outside by the pool, did a little riding and a little working out, and watched some movies (household favorite A Good Year among them), and drank some wine.  It was a good weekend :)  and now for just a little more blogging...

Um ... Democrats, where's your budget?  We've now missed the deadline by six weeks, and it isn't so much the GOP plan vs Obama's plan as it is where is the plan?

... and meanwhile the "misery index" is the highest on record (unemployment + inflation).

Atlas Shrugged railroadA modest proposal to expand railroad usage.  Shades of Atlas Shrugged!  Still as oil prices rise, rail becomes more economical...

Bitcoin: the most dangerous project we've seen.  Huh, seems clever, but dangerous?  It is rather technically interesting...

Native Apps or Web Apps, that is the question.  Whether 'tis nobler to run on a single platform, well as can be, and suffer the slings and arrows of limited distribution, or to take arms against a single vendor, and by opposing, run on everything.  It is getting harder to decide; the iApp universe is huge and growing, but the Android base is huger and growinger.  Not to mention RIM and HP/Palm and oh yeah Windows Phone 7.

The other day I noted I didn't get Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, and it seems neither does Jean-Louis Gassee, who thinks maybe acquiring Nokia would have made more sense.

Contador wins Etna, takes Giro leadIt seemed inevitable and today Alberto Contador won the Mount Etna stage of the Giro and took the overall lead.  I do not think he's going to relinquish it, either.

TOC stage 1 cancelled due to snow :(And the Tour of California almost started today, but didn't, as snow in Lake Tahoe forced a cancellation.  You have to feel for the race organizers, they moved the TOC from February to May just to get better weather, and now it snows.  Any other year it could have been a spectacular stage.  Stay tuned, as they try to get in stage 2 tomorrow...

Onward into the week!  I am traveling tomorrow, to Atlanta, then Philadelphia, and Baltimore... we'll see whether I have time to squeeze in some blogging.  Please stay tuned!

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