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Thursday,  05/05/11  10:35 PM

Tampa harbor downtown, with Tampa General Hospital at rightYep, I'm in Tampa, visiting customers and enjoying the heat (and humidity); actually had a chance to sit out by the hotel pool today and soak up some sun.  This has been a great trip but I'm ready to be home (!); tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and then a long flight and then ... Megan's birthday!  And Saturday I'm riding the Breathless Agony.  Whew.  But for now I have a little quiet time - enjoyed a magnificent steak and cabernet earlier - and it's time for a filter pass...

This occurred to me too: The vindication of President Bush.  "In one event, on May Day, the entire case against President Bush was demolished by one of his greatest critics...  President Obama used the very tools, techniques, and tactics that he attacked previously and very publicly to accomplish it all, vindicating former President Bush and six years of the War on Terror before Obama took office."  This is spun a bit and you can apply your own backspin if you want, but there is a lot of truth in here.  I don't blame Obama however; he was inexperienced, and until you sit in the big chair and have the big decisions, you never know.  Now if his team would just stop digging...

Ghostbusters! Leaders of the class of 1984 :)Kottke is revisiting 1984, "the biggest/most important year in modern cinematic comedy."  Oh and this: "Rolling Stone was offered the chance to buy MTV, and Sports Illustrated was offered the chance to buy ESPN.  Both magazines decided against it."  Huh.

Dave Winer: feature requests from an iPad-using Blorker.  Good stuff.  Among other things, he thinks Apple is going to throw in the towel and allow Flash.  Maybe, but I don't think so.

I will say this: I think Apple doesn't allow Flash for business reasons, not technical ones.  And if they do allow it, it won't be because any technical problem is solved.

VC investment historyIPO Dashboards notes Shifts in the Venture Capital market.  There's a great interactive chart in the post, check it out if you're at all interested...

ZooBorns: Ocelot twinsZooBorns of the week: North Carolina Welcomes Ocelot Twins.  And man do they look like trouble :)

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