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May Day!

Sunday,  05/01/11  09:38 PM

de notenkraker - Dutch May Day celebrationHey, happy May Day!  Did you celebrate or even think about it?  It's a celebration of Spring, a celebration of workers and labor, a chance to elevate a giant decorated pole (what does that mean?) and even the international signal for distress (how did that happen?)  But for me it was a day of rest after yesterday's century, and a day to get caught up on trip reports before heading out on the road again.  Whew.  And a day to do a little blogging...

[Update: wow, Bin Laden has been killed by a US military expedition in Pakistan  Wow.]

BSOD on Win 7 :(Today while running Win 7 blam I got a blue screen of death.  Wow!  Yeah I was running two VMs and coding and debugging and running a bunch of stuff, but still.  I thought Microsoft had got rid of these with Win 7, I guess not entirely :(

PS that's not a screenshot (of course), it's an iPhone picture.

In the wake of an apparent Royal Wedding disaster, Michael Arrington asks how many Mulligans does Color get?  I think zero, they're toast.

Atlas Shrugged update: BMW CEO apologizes for telling the truth about EVs.  I cannot believe we (our government) are subsidizing this technology.  Either it works in the real market, or it doesn't.

Blackberry users :)This is hilarious: how Blackberry users see themselves ... and how iPhone users see them.  Since my conversion to the iPhone I've been trying to convince a colleague to switch to an iPhone - actually, just to try using an iPhone, and so far I've been unsuccessful.  But I get it; I was a happy Palm Pre user for a long time...

royal pictureHere's my favorite Royal Wedding picture.  That's so cute :)

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