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Saturday,  04/16/11  01:12 PM

Hi y'all sorry for the interruption in service; Kansas City, Westlake, Edmonton, Vancouver, Vista, Chicago, (w)here am I?  Will try to get caught up but have more travel ahead.  Sigh.  Having fun but it is better when you can actually unpack :)

Are you sitting down?  Holding any sharp objects?  I've discovered I *like* using my iPhone.  While in Canada my Sprint Palm wasn't able to roam freely, so I started using my Verizon iPhone.  I still don't like not having a physical keyboard but with daily use found the virtual keyboard was okay; you have to develop a friendly relationship with auto-correct and then things go better :)  I love the iPhone's camera!  Wow.  With the iPhone I do NOT have to carry a separate camera, it's that good, and it's connected so you can email / text / Facebook pictures in realtime.  Love that.  I also like the iPhone's screen (wow) and the speed (wow wow) clearly better than the Palm.  Still webOS is nicer; prefer its search its contact integration and having multiple things running at once.

I want to leave you with some samples from the awesome modern art collection here at the Hotel Intercontinental:




Oh, PS, Atlas Shrugged is out!  The critics hate it and the people who've seen it love it.  Can't wait to see it myself, please stay tuned.

PSS have been wearing my Reardon Metal bracelet, it is a *sure* conversation starter.  So many people have heard of Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, but fewer know what the fuss is all about, and fewer still have read the book, or at least, have read it since college :)