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Boston views

Wednesday,  03/30/11  11:30 PM


I was in Boston today; the pictures above are a day-and-night panorama taken from my room on the 24th floor of the Cambridge Marriott, looking South over the Charles River toward downtown (click to enbiggen!).  And I am in Woods Hole tonight, attending a conference tomorrow.  All good.  And ... I am blogging ...

A few notes taken on my flight out:

  • Virgin America rocks.  Honestly I go out of my way to fly them.  Comfortable seats, enough room, good food / fast service, WiFi, what more could you want?
  • With Windows 7 Microsoft has finally made Suspend and Hibernate work.  100% of the time when I suspend or hibernate, I wake up again.  And when my battery is just about to die, my laptop hibernates automatically.  I travel with a spare battery, and I can go coast-to-coast seamlessly.  Yay.

The other day I put out an APB for a web prototype designer.  And it worked!  I got a bunch of responses, especially from those I contacted in my LinkedIn network.  Thanks everyone!

WWDC 2011 conferenceAwesome Apple logo for WWDC 2011.  The interesting thing about this conference is in three years it has morphed from a Mac OS X conference to an iOS App conference.  And demand has grown tremendously for the 5,000 attendees slots in the process.

Angry Birds, the movie (trailer)!This is awesomeIf Angry Birds were a movie (the trailer)...  wow some people have too much time but I am so glad they do :)

Scott "Dilbert" Adams notes New Words Needed.  Among them labelass, binarian, and masturdebator.  Yeah, you have to read it, expand your vocabulary.

OMG no!  Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple.  Really?

Gerard Vanderleun helpfully posts a 2012 Presidential Candidate checklist.  Anyone who can check at least half these boxes would have my vote in an instant.

Dilbert goes greenDilbert goes Green.  I love it.  (I'm guessing this will *not* show up on Inhabitat however :)

quadrocopter ball juggling!This might be the best thing ever: quadrocopter ball juggling.  Yeah just click through you will not believe it; what will they think of next?

Vanity Fair has an interesting profile of Paul Allen.  Yeah, the *other* Microsoft co-founder has had an interesting and varied career, and has distinguished himself as an investor and philanthropist.  The Paul Allen Brain Institute is amazing for example, as is the Music Experience Project.

the HondaJet - now flying!Yay!  A HondaJet update, flies at maximum speed in test (which is 489mph).  This looks like the first ultralight jet which is "real", truly lowering the barrier for adoption.  As much as I like Virgin American,  I can't wait to buy one!

Mercury from MessingerThe Messenger spacecraft is in orbit around Mercury (yay) and has released the first picture taken from Mercurial orbit (yay).

Well that's the view from Boston, tomorrow will check in from Woods Hole.  Please stay tuned.

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