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Thursday,  03/10/11  11:18 PM

I am massively tired tonight, got home, had a nice dinner with Shirley, relaxed, and the fatigue of weeks is upon me.

Actually there is another fatigue upon me; the fatigue of bureaucracy.  I am a person of action, I like ... doing stuff.  I like making stuff, and making stuff happen.  I like change, and causing change.  I like forward motion.  I understand and appreciate the need for process, the need for documentation, the need for checks and balances and approvals.  These things taken in their abstract make perfect sense.  There are *reasons* for following a process, reasons for documentation, reasons for checks and balances and approvals.  But sometimes ... process and documentation and approvals are blindly invoked without reason, without common sense.  It stops forward motion.  It delays action.  It prevents stuff from happening.  That is bureaucracy.  And that is what, more than anything, has me tired tonight.