Critical Section

Wednesday,  03/09/11  11:19 PM

A quiet, wonderful, lonely, weird evening; had a good day, much progress on many fronts, had some good news, had a good workout tonight, and a nice little dinner.  But the sum of all that is ... I feel quiet and weird.  Does that ever happen to you?

you are listening to Los AngelesThis is massively cool: you are listening to Los Angeles.  Images interspersed with music overlaid by police radio.  Captures the essence of the city of angles; it truly is the center.  Not a place to visit, but a place to *live*.  It's all happening there, all the time, good and bad, ...

(wish I were there right now; I'd be safe and warm, if I was in L.A.)

Iditarod - new tech for following the raceYou know this already: Iditarod sled dog race gains GPS, cellphones, and live streaming.  Excellent :)

Tracking the astounding pace of digital storage.  Even faster than Moore's Law...  cheap storage is more key to the digitalization of everything than cheap processing power.

Huh: Adobe unveils Flash-to-HTML5 converter.  Seems like a dancing bear; hard to believe real developers are going to use this for real applications.  Stay tuned...

Totally apropos: faking native iOS apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.  I'm guessing people are going to get really good at this, especially given Apple's 30% tax on app store sales and in-app subscriptions.

Readability goes full HTML5.  Didn't seem to take them very long ... wonder about the usability of the web app versus the native app.  I'm sure we'll find out soon.

And this is interesting: HP to include webOS on all PCs.  Ars Technical calls it 'a shot across Microsoft's bow', implying that webOS might supercede Windows?  At least for some users, it might.  We were just having a debate in our house about whether a new student going off to college really needs a laptop or could use an iPad.  Given a decent keyboard, not clear.

shower faucets: yeah, I want the one on the right, tooRight on!  I wish to purchase the faucet on the right, too.  Faucets are one of the mysteries of the world; how could there be so many bad designs, so incompatible with each other?

Remember Google TV?  Um, no, actually.  Crickets.

Can you beat a computer at Rock - Paper - Scissors?  I could not.  Would be interesting to write a program to fool and thereby defeat this one :)

Space Shuttle Discovery's last landingA bittersweet finale for the Space Shuttle.  A magnificent technical achievement but always it was a $10 solution to a $5 problem.  Putting stuff into orbit doesn't require people, and hence doesn't require the launch vehicle to return safely.  Still - 39 flights, 5,570 orbits, 150 million miles, and a pretty good safety record.

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