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Wednesday,  02/09/11  10:46 PM

Today featured HP's big "Think Beyond" event, at which they announced new webOS devices: small, medium, and large, a teeny Palm Pre -like "Veer", a larger Palm Pre 3, and the TouchPad, a webOS -based tablet.

Of course it was the TouchPad that got the most attention, from TechCrunchRobert Scoble, John Gruber, and Boing Boing, among many others.  The general impression seems to be most positive, but we'll have to see whether developers and consumers actually adopt.

[Update: you can see video of the entire event here.  It is interesting that while I am interested in the webOS devices, I am pretty un-interested in watching the announcement itself.  Not quite a Jobsnote...]

Overall it looks like HP have pushed webOS forward in a big way; they even announced that it will be distributed on their laptops in future!  Some bemoaned the death of the "Palm" brand, but I get it; they couldn't confuse with too many brands, and "webOS" is their go-forward brand of choice.