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just another weekend

Sunday,  01/16/11  10:43 PM

Just another weekend, ho hum... spent yesterday on my bike (yay) and today watching four count 'em four football games.  Whew!  Beautiful days, too...

In re: football; the Steelers victory over the Ravens was pretty cool; I was rooting for them, but it seemed for most of the game they were going to lose, yet they hung around and prevailed in the end.  Then the Packers blew out the Falcons, a boring game in which the Packers looked pretty darn good.  Today the Bears dominated the outmanned Seahawks, setting up a rather interesting showdown with Green Bay next weekend, and the Jets prevailed over the Patriots (!) much to my delight.  I think it will be Jets - Packers in the Super Bowl...

Tesla Model S - drivetrainTesla's Chief Engineer talks about the Model S.  Wow, it looks beautiful.  This is going to be a real electric car.  Wow.

chromasomes - who's afraid of them?Whew, one less thing to worry about: Genetic Tests not causing anxiety.  I think regulators who worry about putting too much information in the hands of patients have it backwards.

Wow, this is painful: why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.  Man, I do this all the time.  I just think it looks better.  Who knew I was doing it wrong all this time?  Should I switch?

the RSS icon - is dead?Why the next version of Firefox will not have an RSS icon.  People do not use it, and it isn't useful.  I just drag a URL to SharpReader and autodiscovery does the rest.  [ via Sam Ruby ]

"App" is word of the year for 2010.  So be it.  I'm sure if you wanted to look up the word of the year for other years, there's an App for that :)

the end of the officeClive Thompson: the end of the office.  I think telecommuting and virtual companies are here to stay, but it may be too soon to declare the end of offices.  Face-to-face meetings are *still* pretty important...

Scott "Dilbert" Adams considers Your digital ghost.  "Suppose you wanted to create your own digital ghost to live for eternity in the Internet and maybe do some haunting. What would that look like?"  I guess in my case it would look a lot like this blog :)

the first AC45 goes for a sailCool! - the first sail for the brand new AC45.  This is a cat class designed to help America's Cup teams come up to speed on cat and wing technology; a precursor to the AC72 class in which the next Cup will be raced.  One critical aspect of the design: they fit in a standard shipping container ;)

ZooBorn: a baby L'Hoest's monkeyZooBorn of the weekend: a baby L'Hoest's monkey.

Randall Parker discusses the alien spaceship crash theory and tech advances.  "My argument against an alien spaceship crash: If such a crashed spaceship existed it would have been at least partially reverse engineered, yielding amazing advances in technology."  Huh.  Maybe this happened :)

This is cool: a day in the future.  "The sun went down hours ago, but with my artificial light I haven't noticed. I’ve been up, writing without a pen. When I’m able to summon the willpower, I close my favorite machine and go to bed."  Good night!  [ via Josh Newton ]

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