Critical Section

at the zoo

Sunday,  12/19/10  10:06 PM

it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

I love merry-go-rounds almost as much as trains

did I ever tell you, I love trains?

please oh please, I've been *good* this year

Pre-Christmas weekend!  and I spent part of it shopping, and I spent part of that at The Topanga Mall, in The Valley (note capitals); one of the largest and coolest and busiest and most frenzied malls anywhere.  Whew, what a zoo!  Still I must confess, I loved it...

In the meat / poison category: California Mountains Face Crushing Snowfall.  Alternate headline: Time to Think About Skiing!  I must tell you, it has been raining nonstop here for over 24 hours now.  Not perfect for cycling but certainly gives that "winter" feeling; I don't love rainy weather, but I love rain; let it pour, let it pour, let it pour...

Tron Legacy halfpipeAwesomeness: Tron Legacy halfpipe.  Skating on the grid...  I'm going to see it again tonight, with Jordan and Alexis...

R.S.Connett's incredible artThe incredible art of R.S.Connett.  It is truly incredible; click through to check it out...

Delicious - another Yahoo! failed acquisition...Why Yahoo!'s Delicious and other acquisitions failed.  "Entrepreneurs moving into Yahoo! often got stuck doing PowerPoints about 'strategy' instead of writing code and shipping products."  That's all you need to know.

magnetic yellow card for cyclists to flag motoristsThe magnetic yellow card - for cyclists to flag dangerous motorists :)  might backfire but still, I like the idea...

MS Office genuine advantage - bye byeMicrosoft quietly shuts down Office Genuine Advantage program.  So be it.  Turns out treating your customers as pirates doesn't work (even if they are pirates).  Who knew?

ZooBorn: Somali Wild Ass foalAnd our ZooBorn of the weekend (every zoo needs a ZooBorn :): A Somali Wild Ass foal.  Yes!


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