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Monday,  12/06/10  12:46 AM

making a wishA nice weekend leading into a busy week... I guess my birthday is now *over*, and it is onward into another trip around the sun.  What will happen?  I have a sense of possibility.  And, weirdly, little anticipation; I don't know what will happen, nor even suspect.  I guess the best way to predict the future is to invent it.  Onward!

the dimensions of colourThis is way cool: The Dimensions of Colour, by David Briggs.  There's a lot to the visual mind/world interface, which converts a single spectrum of wavelengths into a three-dimensional perception space.  [ via Doug Hoppes ]

Have you been following this whole Stuxnet thing?  Absolutely amazing.  One of the most sophisticated hacks ever... staggering in its complexity and apparent success.  Read all about it and ponder carefully.  [ via Scott "Dilbert" Adams ]  Josh Newman is extremely impressed, too.

A lesson re-learned: Simple trumps complete.  As learned at Netflix, and as I/we learned at Digital Insight and Paypal, and now Aperio.  Google and Apple appear to exemplify this as well.

Apropos: How to compete with free.  "It turns out that there is something that can compete with free: easy."

Twitter: follow meJohn Battelle on Twitter: Its great problem is its massive opportunity.  "One of the many reasons I find Twitter fascinating is that the company seems endlessly at an inflection point."  Same.  Also, I don't get it :)

Dave Winer: Dan deletes his Twitter account.  What's interesting to me is how often Twitter and Facebook are mentioned in the same breath.  To me they are vastly different.

Related: John Battelle asks Is RSS really dead?  It does seem as though for some [many?] Twitter is a poor replacement...

Maybe ... Twitter over RSS is the triumph of simple over complex :)

Tron: Legacy - a must see...It appears Tron: Legacy is one of those movies I must see.  In a theater.  As I had to see Avatar last year this time.  To prepare I downloaded the original Tron (no, it isn't available anywhere; that's what Shareaza is for :) and plan to re-watch it.  I expect it to be corny, and dates, and ... wonderful!  Stay tuned.

Philip Greenspun makes a key point: Christmas lights are *way* better than Hanukkah lights.  We don't know why, but we know that it is so.

lifespan vs income over time, animatedThis is awesome: Lifespan and Income over time, animated.  A beautiful illustration of world progress in the last century.  What will it look like in another hundred years?  (Bonus question, what would this look like if you plotted IQ...)

Eric Raymond: Off with their header files!  I must tell you, management of nested #include files is one of the persistent weaknesses of C++.  A case study in the department of unintended consequences...  seems his deheader utility could be of great use.

Discovered: a new form of life.  I am most skeptical about these reports; seems like a case study in scientific sensationalism.  Let's let the peer review process play out, then we can all get excited...  NASA do not strike me as the most authentic source for such research.

[Update: I knew it, there's no there there...]

ZooBorns Holiday Calendar!Regular readers will know of my passion for ZooBorns; turns out they have a Holiday Calendar!  I'm not a paper-calendar user anymore, but I might have to make an exception for this one :)

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