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riding the South wind

Thursday,  11/25/10  04:34 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

cycling playground: Grimes canyon - thank you for this!This morning I woke determined to get in a longish ride as a pre-turkey / stuffing antidote.  Yeah, it was kind of cold (50s) and yeah, it was windy (20s), but off I went.  The strong wind was blowing due South, so I decided to head North... and kept going through Westlake and Thousand Oaks and Moorpark and through Grimes Canyon until I ended up in Fillmore.  At which point I turned around and rode the South wind home; nothing nicer than a tailwind behind and a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my family ahead.

self-portrait: a cyclist thinking thankful thoughtsIt was a good solid ride, perfect for thinking thankful thoughts.  And a nice respite from worrying about the future.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, spent quietly and peacefully with those you love...

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