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booting III: blazing Baltimore 9/22-24

Thursday,  09/30/10  10:58 PM

USS Constellation on the Baltimore Harbor WalkSpinning back up to speed, here's a filter pass on 9/22-24, which I spent traveling to and in Baltimore.  It was a great little interlude between two conferences, with some extraordinary experiences sprinkled in between customer visits.

  • So I get in to Baltimore late, Pier 5 hotel, right on the waterfront, and I discover room service is closed for the night due to a private party.  No problem, I get some not-horrible Pinot from the restaurant downstairs and order pizza, and set in my little balcony watching it rain lightly over the harbor.  A live band nearby are playing Creedence Clearwater's "who'll stop the rain" and doing a most excellent job on the cover, and the whole experience is great.  They go on to play more CCR tunes, and on a visit downstairs to reload Pinot I discover the band playing is Creedence Clearwater themselves, for the private party.  My "how did I get here" moment of the trip, so far...
  • Another highlight was a great walk around Baltimore's "inner harbor" on the Harbor Walk, which includes the U.S.S. Constitution (above right).  Most excellent.
  • I discovered that my new favorite super Tuscan may be Querciabella Camartina, displacing Tignanello and Ornellaia.  I must have some T and O soon, to compare :)

federal spending vs household incomeThe central issue of our time: Federal Spending.  One look at this chart, showing federal spending vs household income, and you know this story will end badly.  The only question is how badly, and who-all will get hurt.  The decrease in household income seems scarier than the acceleration in federal spending, but they are linked, of course...

President Obama and Vermont Governer Jim Douglas move a couch in the oval office, aka rearranging deck chairs on the TitanicAnn Althouse captions this photo of President Obama and Vermont Governor Jim Douglas moving a couch in the oval office "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic".  It cannot be much fun skipper this particular ship of state; the course has failed, and disaster is nigh.

Jon Stewart on Obama: I thought he'd do a better job.  So did I, frankly, even though I voted for McCain.  Glenn Reynolds comments "based on what, his experience"?

Revisiting Richard Nixon's Checkers speech from 58 years ago.  It is emotional now even across this space of time, and with the immense change in culture.  Good oratory is just lacking from today's politicians, isn't it?

Here's some important research: Science says men like shapely ladies.  "A UT research team interviewed 375 men and women and concluded that men categorize women with attractive, curvy bodies as short-term partners, whereas a woman with a pretty face would more likely be considered for a long-term relationship."  Further research seems indicated :)

Interesting Advice: Having relationship problems?  Try talking less.  No comment.

And I don't believe this one: Men Don't Notice When Women Wear High Heels.  Um...  I do!

Facebook eating GoogleJohn Gruber ponders How much is Facebook worth?  I can remember the same debates about Google, pre-IPO, and everyone's estimate was low.  But that was a different time...  still, Facebook could be worth more than Google.  Sure seems to be occupying a lot of cycles in the blogosphere.

Boing Boing runs a chapter from Douglas Rushkoff's upcoming Program or Be Programmed: Chapter 3: You may always choose "none of the above".  Reminds me of a quote from Robert Gruden (a good friend's favorite saying): "True freedom, when given a choice between A and B, is to create C."

ZooBorn: Peccary pigletWrapping up, how about a ZooBorn of the week: a Peccary piglet.

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