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the Panamerica - sheep in wolf's clothing

Saturday,  09/04/10  11:34 AM

the Porsche Panamerica - sheep in wolf's clothingLast weekend I reported the  awesome folks at The Auto Gallery have loaned me a brand new Porsche Panamerica!  I have driven it all week and returned it this morning.  It was a pretty amazing vehicle and I thought I'd share a few thoughts...

  • It was fun having an *unusual* car; everywhere I went people commented.  But nobody thought it was beautiful.  It was always like ... "huh, so that's the new four-door Porsche."  They successfully incorporated the Porsche design cues from the 911, but they did not end up with a great looking car.
  • The 3.8L six has plenty of horsepower for daily driving, but it does not excite the senses.  You can't hear it roar, and you can't feel it throwing the car forward and smashing you back into the seats.  It is not a Turbo Carrera.
  • The interior is beautiful and beautifully laid out.  Nothing bad to say.
  • The electronics are first-rate.  The touch-screen Nav system is excellent.  The iPod link is perfect.  The sound system is quite impressive for a "stock" stereo (although, like the engine, it will not blow you away).
  • There is plenty of room in the back seat for two full size people.  Is is not a 2+2, it is a true four-door four-seater.  And the trunk arrangement is very nice, plenty of room under the hatchback and the rear seats fold down easily for even more room when you need it.

I guess I'd sum it all up by saying it is a Lexus sedan with Porsche styling, a sheep in wolf's clothing (and a very luxurious sheep, too!).  If that's what you're looking for, here you have it :)

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