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weekend wrap

Sunday,  08/29/10  10:05 PM

Great weekend, didn't get enough done of course - as always - and feel a little guilty about it - as always - but I did have fun, got some exercise, and even (gasp!) got some sun.  All good.

The lightbulb goes on.  "The Fed will not come to the Democrats’ rescue, at least not in time to stave off a shellacking in November."  I'm not hoping for a Republican resurgence so much as a recognition that liberal economic policies have failed.

Women of Antarctica 2010 calendarI like this post by Scot Tempesta: Ice Queens.  "When I was 18 years old my best friend Ana died of breast cancer at the age of 32. This year I turned 32 and I realized exactly how much grace she exhibited during her ordeal in the prime of her life."  Wow.  Dying of breast cancer at 32.  Order the calendar!

Some of my best friends are that age.  When I was 32, I was divorced, my business was in trouble, and I felt my life was over before it had ever started.  When I think back to everything that has happened since, the possibility that life might have ended for me right then is frightening.  Makes you appreciate every day.

Google's HTML5 demo: The Wilderness Downtown featuring Arcade FireThis is awesome!  Check out Google's HTML5 demo, featuring Arcade Fire's "We used to wait", encapsulated in a "film" called The Wilderness Downtown.  You will need Chrome, and it will be worth it.

HTML5's capabilities notwithstanding, a LOT of sites use Flash, and they don't work under iOS.  John Gruber considers.  "Is there more pressure on Apple to add Flash support to iOS, or on websites with Flash-only content to produce iOS-compatible alternatives?"

I cannot believe the pre-hype and prognostication going on around Apple's "event" this week; nearly everyone agrees there will be some kind of iPod update, and also some kind of AppleTV update.  It is all very exciting, but let's wait to see what they actually announce instead of endlessly debating what they might announce...

[Update: yippee it will be streamed live.  Although I will be in sales training and will probably not have a chance to watch until... next weekend...]

Motto for this week: Drinks Well With Others:)

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