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Monday,  08/09/10  09:58 PM

Interesting day today...  was offline for much of it, busy with personal matters, and yet was able to get an amazing amount of *work* done too... just reconfirms for me The Tyranny of Email, and the need to turn your email client off - entirely - for substantial periods of time in order to get stuff done.  I must tell you again, not running Outlook (or in my case today, not being connected to the Internet) is qualitatively different from running it and "not checking email"; if it's running, you will check it, and you will be disrupted just by that thought.  Anyway.

Uh oh: US Electricity Blackouts Skyrocketing.  The country with the cheapest entropy will win, I think.  Time for nuclear power!  [ via Instapundit

Russell Beattie, who is not always right, but who is usually interesting, thinks scraping is the future of web aggregation.  And accompanies his post with RIP, RSS.  I don't know; I agree that unstructured data is better than ill-maintained metadata, but RSS feeds are so easy and so much better for aggregation... 

A good and subtle UI point: It is easier to imagine hiding an ad than redesigning a UI.  Interesting in that this company clearly wants to "sell" the non-ad-supported version of its software, so presumably they make less money from it.  You can imagine this not being the case. 

We wish: Flash ported to iOS and iPhone 4.  This is a total dancing bear; the phone must be jailbroken before this can be done.  Way cool, but given that nobody actually jailbreaks their iPhone, way not useful. 

This however *is* useful: The brain's secret to sleeping like a log.  It is true, sleeping soundly (or not needing as much sleep) is a huge competitive advantage.