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the week that was 8/2/10

Friday,  08/06/10  04:58 PM

the infinity pool at the Hotel du Cap on the Cote d'Azur possibly the most tranquil spot I knowWow, what a week that was!  I must remember this:  do not schedule a car accident, vacation, and board meeting in the same timeframe.  And having said that doesn't *even* include all the other things I did - like buy a car with my daughter, and conduct twelve phone interviews - or which happened... whew.  Anyway it is over, I am back home for the first time in two weeks, and contemplating a nice weekend... and busy people are happy people, so I am happy!  (And I may ask myself, how did I get here?)

{ Interesting aside... I Googled for "tranquility", and every single hit included water.  As I think about this weekend and being tranquil myself, I look out the window at my pool and picture myself sitting next to it, book in hand...  I finally chose the picture above of the Hotel du Cap's infinity pool, where I have been myself and where I would like to go again! }

bike / choir flashmob in a Brussels train stationThis is awesome!  A bike / choir flashmob in a Brussels train station.  Yes of course you must click through to watch, you will thank me.  How random and yet how excellent.  [ thanks Richard... ]

Toolman tagline: "we finish what your husband started"From Greg: an example of a great tagline... 
I love it.

Now here's an important subject, near and dear to my heart: Sentence spacing, one space or two?  My answer is two of course.  That's what   is for :)  glad to see Slashdot still unearthing important discussions like this...

Did you know? 50% of Windows 7 users run 64-bit version.  I think I'm going to be one of them soon - I want to get from 3GB to 4GB on my laptop, mostly so I can run VMWare more efficiently...

You guys know I love Windows 7, but I don't love everything about it, and the thing I love least is kind of trivial: how come it can't leave the icons on my desktop in the same place?  I keep putting them back, and it keeps messing them up.  Pisses me right off.

Huh: Android hits top spot in US Smartphone market.  Eric Raymond calls it perfectly.

Eric also thinks Inception was brilliant; everyone is talking about it and yes I must see it.  Also Despicable Me :)

Facebook the movie [trailer]Facebook the movie [trailer].  Wow, I Like it.  Especially the first part - it beautifully conveys the emotion people invest in friends.

Wrong headline: On Facebook, wife learns of husband's second wedding.  How about this one instead: On Facebook, wife learns husband is an idiot.  Wow.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams considers First Impressions.  "As part of my training for hypnosis, years ago, I learned that human brains are rationalization machines, not logic machines. That's hard to accept, especially in yourself. Your brain tells you otherwise. It insists it is completely rational."  Wow, what an amazing insight...  scary.

jet-powered 367mph school busHere we have the 367mph school bus.  I am not making this up.

Dave Winer: What I think matters.  It is definitely true that what he thinks matters to me :)  One of the things he thinks: Embracing failure is a good way to fail.  I think you can learn from failure without embracing it.

Eric Schmidt on the demise of Google Wave.  The thing about Google is that they can play with things like Wave without betting the farm; it is dinner, not life.

The most Beautiful Planet EarthThe most beautiful planet Earth.  An awesome video, well worth clicking through and be sure to watch full screen.  The music is perfect too (Loreena McKennit - Night Ride Across The Caucasus).  [ via Gerard Vanderleun, who comments: "More and more I am convinced that our purpose is to extend our vision in all directions to bear witness to the miracle." ]

Off to Leila's with Shirley for some flat iron steak, a nice Pinot, and wonderful cheese... what could be better?  (How *did* I get here?)

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