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Thursday,  07/22/10  10:24 PM

Wow, where to start?  I've had an amazing couple of days, but if I tell you that and no more would it be a tease?  I can report I've been working a lot, and working out, and riding; did a nice loop around Miramar Air Base yesterday, that was fun, with the theme from Top Gun playing in my head...  and I am now back home after a battle with traffic*, and of course blogging.

the male brain is compartmentalized into little boxes - one of them is 'who do you want to be', and yes it *is* influenced by others...I've been reliving my past a bit; thinking about stuff that happened to me a long time ago, and how it influences me today...  perhaps a think piece ahead on this, who knows.  We have so much control over our lives, more than we realize, and you can make big changes in your life just by changing the way you feel about it at any time.

While my brain churns (as I take out my "who do I want to be" box :), a filter pass...

Paul Graham: The Top Idea in Your Mind.  "I realized recently that what one thinks about in the shower in the morning is more important than I'd thought... I'd say it's hard to do a really good job on anything you don't think about in the shower."  Fascinating, because one way to view his point is that you can only be working with one box at a time...  Paul is male, so I wonder ... would a female "philosopher of business" have the same insight? :)

is viewing digital slides the killer app for the iPad? probably not :)We are still hunting for the killer app for the iPad, and yet sales have blasted off...  My Mom is loving hers, but I still can't figure out what to do with mine except play with it.  I'm open to the possibility that I'm missing something here, can anyone help?  There is a suggestion in the BusinessWeek article about 'personal information dashboards' ... huh.  Would have to see it to get it, I think...

Apropos, Dave Winer considers Flipboard and reading surfaces.  Flipboard could definitely be considered a 'personal information dashboard'...

taking photos in public places is not a crimeGlenn Reynolds: Taking photos in public places is not a crime.  It just seems that way sometimes...

Comic Sans fights back.  I love it.  The whole fight about a type face is pretty comical :)

News you can use: What Duran Duran taught me about girls.  "...bringing people together is what music has always done best."  So, I'm Ole, and I like Duran Duran.  Consider it The Reflex...

Blue Holes: Amazing underwater caves in the BahamasBlue Holes: Amazing underwater caves in the Bahamas.  Wow, just when you think you've seen it all, you realize "it all" is so much more than you thought... even just on Earth.

MG Siegler: HP wants to become Apple, and WebOS is the key.  Absolutely.

ZooBorn: baby HyraxesHaven't had one for a while, but here's our ZooBorn of the day: a baby Hyraxes.  Did you know?  "Rock hyraxes (Procavia capensis) look like very large guinea pigs but actually are most closely related to elephants."  Only ... smaller.

Finally: The longer you sit, the shorter your lifespan.  In other words... get off your ass and live!

* PS traffic won

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