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manic Monday

Monday,  07/19/10  09:03 PM

Just another manic Monday, wish it was Sunday...  calls and meetings and status reports and emails and waaaaaaaah!  If only I wasn't so busy working, maybe I could get some work done.  I did manage to sneak a nice 20 mile ride into a two hour gap.  And I did have a delightful conversation with a good friend.  And I watched the Tour stage which was amazing, if frustrating.  And ... I did blog a bit...

CNN FAQ on the oil spill: Is the disaster over?  Quick answer: no.

Huh: China passes USA as world's biggest energy consumer.  That's surprising.  It's not all those people though, it's all that manufacturing...  And China passed the USA as the world's biggest polluter some time ago :(

Los Angeles dreams of a new downtown river parkLos Angeles dreams of a new downtown river park.  Yes!  LA is a great city but the downtown of LA is not so great...  we need some development there, freshen things up, revitalize the center...

Inside the world's most advance submarine...Cool!  Inside the world's most advanced submarine.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams admires Apple's response to the iPhone 4 reception issue: High Ground Maneuver.  "If Jobs had not changed the context from the iPhone 4 in particular to all smartphones in general, I could make you a hilarious comic strip about a product so poorly made that it won't work if it comes in contact with a human hand. But as soon as the context is changed to "all smartphones have problems," the humor opportunity is gone. Nothing kills humor like a general and boring truth."

It *is* noticeable that someone all the other smartphone vendors have gotten drawn into this mess...

Jean-Louis Gassee: Antennagate: If you can't fix it, feature it!

Shocker: HP files for "PalmPad" trademark.  Can't wait!

Kindle books outselling hardcover books on Amazon.  Tipping point reached!

I lost one of my longtime favorite bloggers Halley Suitt for some reason - but found her! - and am catching up on old posts, like this one: What?! You're not lost in a book?!:  "I can't believe how few people around me take the time to read for pleasure."  Same!  Good night, off to read a little before falling asleep...

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