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staying cool in the heat

Saturday,  07/17/10  07:02 PM

A scorching day, in which I slept in, enjoyed Le Tour, took a great ride up Rockstore (in *ahem* 105° heat), and then settled in for some serious database and spreadsheet work... 

riding Rockstore in 105° heat
staying cool while riding Rockstore in 105° heat

...oh, and in there somewhere I troubled to do a little blogging...

Last night my Kindle's battery ran out - it lasts so long, I forget to charge it sometimes - and I was reduced to reading an actual book while falling asleep.  On my nightstand was The Last Theorem, a book someone must have given me a few years ago, science fiction by Frederik Pohl ("Gateway"!) and Arthur C. Clarke ("2001"!).  It's a great book - pulled me in immediately, and cannot wait to keep reading it tonight - but it was also an interesting experience.  Turns out in the dimness of night Kindles are actually easier to read, and they certainly weigh less.  Also you don't have to hold a Kindle in such a way as to keep the pages from turning on their own...

Virgin Galactic's VSS EnterpriseSpace travel becomes ever closer to reality: Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise makes its first crewed flight.  Man, I wish I had enough money to be one of the first passengers.  I would so like to do this.  Hopefully by the time it is possible I'll be able to afford to travel to Titan :)

Life in HTML5Playing the game of life in HTML5...  I have seen many implementations of this over the years, this one is cool because it is so interactive; it always amazes me that so much complexity can emerge from such simple rules.  Much like life and physics!

Stay cool y'all and enjoy the rest of the weekend...

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