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Wednesday,  07/07/10  11:05 PM

A happy day; got up early, worked out, watched Le Tour, and worked steadily and productively all day.  Capped it with a little ride in the cold damp mist and a nice dinner.  And had pleasant thoughts running around in my head all through :)

Did you know?  Today was cold in San Diego; the coldest July day ever.  Oh yeah, and we had a little earthquake too:

5.9! Yikes.

The purple circle was me at Aperio.  It was good for some serious shaking and a nice adrenaline rush.

Idoru - another William Gibson masterpieceTonight I finished Idoru.  Another William Gibson masterpiece.  Doesn't seem fair that he could be so consistently brilliant.  Just one interesting idea after another...

Slurp digital eyedropperThe Slurp digital eyedropper.  Sucks in digital information from one computer and spits it out to another - or to a peripheral like a printer or speakers.  Please click through to see it; it's must harder to explain than to understand.  (Seems like something from a William Gibson novel :)

Truth is stranger than The Onion: A giant step toward stupidity.  "The astonishing story of the Obama administration's reorientation of NASA to serve a whole new purpose--building up the self-esteem of Muslim countries by reminding them of scientific achievements of millennia gone by."  Unbelievable!

Congratulations to Spain, who defeated Germany pretty handily in the "other" World Cup semifinal.  This sets up a final showdown between the Spanish and the Netherlands, arguably the two best countries never to have won the grand prize.  I thought Germany was the better team and that Spain would have to get lucky to win, but the Spanish defense shut down Germany entirely, while Spain had a bunch of scoring chances and could easily have won by several goals.  It will be quite a match on Sunday.  Go Oranje!

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