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Ned 2 Bra 1, WOO HOO!

Friday,  07/02/10  05:28 PM

I have resisted posting about this all day for those of you who have Tivos, but I cannot hold it any longer:

Ned 2 Bra 1, WOO HOO!

It was a great game (says this non-soccer-fan) in which Brazil clearly won the first half.  But then the Dutch rallied, scored to tie on massive strike by Wesley Snyder [shown above!] and a blunder (missed punch) by the Brazilian goalkeeper, and right after scored again on a nice cross + flick + header combination.  From there Brazil seemed disorganized and dispirited, and it was all over.  Now we go on to play the winner of Ghana - Uruguay (Update: Uruguay), a match we should win, and then into the final!  Against Germany or Argentina, I'm thinking... wow, how fun is that?  Go Oranje!