Monday,  06/28/10  09:57 PM

Still nice to be home.  And even nicer; we have Alex back!  Yippee.  She is more tanned and [slightly] more serious but still Alex and man is it great that she's back from her mission in Uganda.  A great day.  Yes I did get a lot done but as with all Mondays somehow my todo list is longer now than it was 12 hours ago, yikes.

Go Oranje!  And so the Dutch are through, beating Slovenia rather convincingly (with some rather amazing futbol), and so are the Brazilians, brushing aside Chile rather easily.  Setting up an intriguing quarterfinal next Friday.  Wow...  either could go all the way. 

Jeff Bezos on the iPad: "it's really a different product catagory".  He's not wrong.  It really is. 

Huh.  Why China is now the Leader in Genome Sequencing Capability.  "Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers will be surprised to learn that China is poised to become the world leader in genome sequencing! That’s due to the ambitious goals of BGI, a privately-operated institute that plans to make genomics a topic that matters for ordinary people."  I think there's a rather important disparity between the "poised to become" of the article and the "now" of the headline :) 

Dave Winer: I buy fun domains.  Like http://reallysimple.org/.  Of course, I never use "really" myself; http://simple.org/ would be so much simpler :) 

NYTimes: Sixty Years in Dodgers’ Booth, and Scully Is Still in Awe.  Vin Scully is the best.  Period. 

Good question: Why did so many successful entrepreneurs and startups come out of PayPal?  Having been there myself (and hoping to make the list of successful entrepeneurs someday :), I think it wasn't that PayPal changed everyone into being successful, it was that PayPal attracted successful people, or people who would someday be successful.  It was an amazing environment.