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Sunday,  06/27/10  08:55 PM

I think I'm back to full strength after three good nights of sleep back home, and three days of relaxation and work.  Getting caught up, and spending some time thinking ahead, instead of fielding interrupts.  Oh and actually did a little coding today, and it was good...  just wish I didn't have fires burning on so many fronts.  Man there's a lot to do.  Including blogging!

Eric Raymond is right: Reports of PC's Impending Death Greatly Exaggerated.  Laptops, tablets, phones, sure there are a lot of form factors for computing these days, but really for doing actual work a large monitor with a full-size keyboard is best, right?  It has to do with human econometrics, plain and simple.

NASA's supersonic "green machine"I'm linking this just for the cool artist's conception: NASA's supersonic green machine.

Watched a little of the World Cup's knockout round this weekend.  So, I'm not a futbol aficionado, but the officiating in these matches is horrible.  That English goal called back against Germany?  Could have decided the match.  And that offsides non-call on Argentina against Mexico was just as bad.  Give us good referees or instant reply!

Tomorrow's games are likely to be interesting; Netherlands against Slovakia (go Oranje!) and Brazil against Chile.  I think the favorites will win setting up a most interesting quarterfinal rematch between the Dutch and the Brazilians.  The winner of that could easily go all the way.

Facebook has a huge network effect, which is why it is hard to imagine even Google challenging them.  Google Me is all very exciting, but it won't dent the hood.

Schrödinger's kit: Tools that are in two places at once.  This is pretty hard to wrap your head around :)

ZooBorn: baby crested screamerZooBorn / cute chick of the weekend: a baby crested screamer.  What a fuzzball :)

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