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posting out of time

Sunday,  06/27/10  08:45 PM

clogged pipes! the plumbing is too complicatedYeah, I know; my posts aren't syncing out again; the pipes are clogged.  Sorry!

I've been spending more and more time traveling which exacerbates the problem, and it is not fixing itself...  time to consider a different mechanism for blogging.

I currently use a great-but-dated WYSI(SO)WYG* tool called Citydesk from Fog Creek Software, wherein I compose posts and edit images and so on offline on my laptop, and then "sync out" the result to my server.  Over the years more and more of my post-processing has moved to my server for performance reasons and because it is easier to manage, to the point where I hardly use the Citydesk composing facilities anymore.

* what you see is (sort of) what you get

I've felt for some time the "right" way for me to post is simply by sending email.  I could do this from my laptop, from my phone, from here, from there, and from anywhere - no muss, no fuss.  No internet connection, no problem; the email is queued, and goes out when I'm back online.  Back in 2003 when I started blogging such a thing would have been weird and hard, but today it seems obvious and easy.  All mail clients send formatted HTML, and I could just filter it a bit, stick it in a post, and poof! we're done.  Update the home page, update the RSS feed, and the archive - all of that is done on the server already.

[ Update: I started working on this today - in between about ten other things, including working on my tan and watching the world cup and attending traffic school and working on work - and while it isn't completely trivial, it's completely doable.  The hardest part is automatically cataloging images.  Please stay tuned... ]

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